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Elmer Stumpf


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09/08/10 10:42 AM #1    

Pennbrooke Shiloh

Skippy, as we knew you.

I hope you don't mind me posting this.  We played a lot of baseball, football, kickball, hockey, basketball, right there in front of your house, it was the level part of Penn Street.

All us kids from the neigborhood remember that you were always ready to defend your territory like a junkyard dog.  You were tough and gritty and a hard competitor when we were just kids

We all remember the day when we heard you had perished in the house fire on Middle Street, word has it that you had lit some candles for warmth and light, fell asleep and the house went up with you in it.  I know there is no official records but, after all these years I though folks should know.

Anyway, when we all pass, we take a piece of life from everyone around us, it is like an energy field that loses a little power with each of our dismissal from this life.


See ya around Skip...

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